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Is a very exciting "New Breed" of                                                                       

horse being developed in the USA and

New Zealand combined. 

The Concept behind  this new breed is to                                                   

 re-introduce what has been lost in

many of the horses we know today. 

The hardiness carved by nature, natural

selection (toughest survive)  dense strong bone,

tough hooves, agility and grace to carry

themselves across vast rugged terrain effortlessly.


not only do they posses these traits but express

a primitive natural beauty with dun markings and rare grulla colour.  

With such a genetic treasure that the Kigers posses, we believe introducing this into the Quarter Horse to help bring back the hardiness and lessening the Man made effects or defects we have created.    Going back to the roots of the American West, where horses needed to be strong to carry riders great distances.  Let us present to you The AMERICANO

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