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The stunning,  Kiger Mustang, carries the romance of the Wild West.  From their Spanish ancestory, these exceptional wild horses have found their rightful place both in our hearts and as an integral element of the West's living History.  Where did they come from?  How did they evolve? these questions still today carry  mysteries. Bearing Spanish markers ,( knowing they evolved from the Spanish Conquistadors,) beautiful primitive markings of Dun and Grulla,  barring and Zebra type stripes and cob-webbing over their face, Kigers are the epitome of beauty and grace, self carriage, yet tough, rare and mysterious.  Their true story can only be imagined.  What we do know is they have a future with horse lovers world-wide .  Dedicated Kiger enthusiasts ready and willing to protect the two small herd management areas near the rugged Kiger Gorge, in the Steens mountains.  We are very priviledged to be part of their future as the Kiger's history in the making will be carried across vast oceans not to Spain, but deep in the South Pacific to the Shores of New Zealand, where their genetic make-up will evolve once more.  We are proud to take this journey with our two Kigers.  If you wish to take part in this historic event please contact us.   

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